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Do a Virtual Food Drive for Your Business & Our Community

Help make a Hunger-Free Holiday & New Years, offer your customers discounts or specials for donations to our local food bank. Plus we’ll set it up for free!

First come, first serve with limited availability. We’ll do all the leg work for setting it up, we only ask that you cover the cost of the digital ads–if required.

Offer Expires: 11/30/2020

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How it Works for Our Community & Your Businesses

You offer a special price or discount to your audience for donations to your own Virtual Food Drive. They like your offer and are delighted to help the community, so they make a donation to your Virtual Food Drive. They donate online and get a receipt. The receipt for the donation serves as the coupon for your product or services.

For a “real world” example, see the offer by Dollar Cleaners, Donate $5 to the Food Bank and Save 10% on Your Dry Cleaning. They’re offering this in addition to their regular monthly specials, to help generate more buzz.

Free Food Drive Promotion Set-up, What’s Included

We take care of all the leg work, so you can focus on your business. It includes all the logistics, from setting up your Virtual Food Drive to promoting it online.

Depending on your website and social media set-up, it can include the following.

  • Virtual Food Drive Set-up for your business–Currently working with Alameda County Community Food Bank.
  • Website Article–similar to the Dollar Cleaners example above. If you have a WordPress site, we’ll publish the article on your site and optimize it for sharing on Facebook. If you don’t have a WordPress website, we can also publish it on our website with all your contact info.
  • Facebook/Instagram Ad–we can publish the ad on your Facebook page, or if you don’t have a Facebook page, we’re happy to publish it on our Facebook page. We recommend at least $100 for the ad spend. We can set this up for you.
  • Google My Business Post–we’ll ad an optimized post pointing to your website article. So your promotion is featured in Google My Business right alongside your business.

All of these aren’t required, but they’re options to help your business and Virtual Food Drive be seen more. We will help you work out the best strategy based on what you have available.

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We, Nero and Joel, make it all work together. Nero gets all the details and does the copy. We collaberate and refine, then Joel jumps in to optimize and publish the ads.

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P.S. Yes, it’s for free, that is, no service charge from us. If you’d like, feel free to make a donation to our Virtual Food Drive with All Smogs. The owner of All Smogs, Brad, has raised over eight tons of food for the Alameda Count Community Food Bank. He inspired this whole thing. Together, maybe we–local businesses–can make a difference.