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Worpdress Updates & Repairs

Get your WordPress Updates and Repairs done right. Basic updates start at $100. Updates for WordPress Maintenance clients start at $50.

Types of Website Updates

  • Basic Text Updates - swap this text with that, change our about page, add/remove this employee from our About page, etc.
  • Basic Image Updates - Basic Website Maintenance Plus Page Speed Optimization & Image Optimization. - Larger sites with more plugins.
  • WordPress Software Updates - Plugins & theme software updates - it secures your site!
Website Updates & Repairs Starting at $50

The regular price for a website update or service call starts at $100 per update. As a WordPress Maintenance Client, your price starts at $50 Ea. This includes most quick fixes–for example, text, navigation changes, and simple image updates.

Experienced WordPress Manager, Joel

Joel's the one behind the scenes. He's got experience.

  • Working with WordPress since 2007
  • GoDaddy Pro Plus Guide
  • Access to premium software and tools

Free Trial, WordPress Maintenance

Contact Nero to get started with a Free Trial of Basic WordPress Maintenance, a $100 value. This includes back-ups, updates, diagnostics & security scans.

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