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Pictured: The Alameda County Community Food Bank logo and one of Moving Plus’ commercial moving projects–featured on their website. Moving Plus donated to All Smogs’ Virtual Food Drive with our food bank. We’re local businesses on a mission.

Special Thanks to Moving Plus for Supporting All Smogs’ Food Drive!

Thank you Moving Plus for donating to All Smogs’ Virtual Food Drive for the Alameda County Community Food Bank! Need for food has doubled because of these strange times with Covid-19, and monetary donations make a huge difference. Ever $1 = 2 meals for children, adults, and seniors in our community.

Moving Plus–Commercial Moving, Office Liquidation and Much More

Moving Plus specializes in Commercial/Office Moving, Office Liquidation, Bulk E-waste Recycling & Cubicle / Office Furniture Installation experts. The owner, Nathan, is a champion for community programs and a generous donner to our food drive. Contact Nathan for your commercial moving or office liquidation project.

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All Smogs–Highly Rated, Certified & Fighting Hunger

All Smogs specializes in Star Certified Smog Checks, Brakes and Auto Repair. They’ve been champions of the Alameda County Community Food Bank for some time now–collecting over 16,000 lbs of food since 2008! Since times got “strange,” they’ve teamed up with us, BIZBAM, for their Virtual Food Drive.

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Help make a Hunger-Free Holiday, Donate to All Smogs’ Food Drive

Local Businesses, Start Your Own Virtual Food Drive–On The House!

If you’re a local business and would like to start your own Food Drive promotion, contact us, BIZBAM! We’re offering Food Drive Promotional Campaings for free this holiday season. We’re in this together, and we’re coming out stronger – learn more